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Help End Displacement!

Please join UHAB in signing the petition to ask Mayor de Blasio to stop displacement in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 

A community is healthiest when its hospital workers, store clerks, care givers, factory workers, artists, and educators don’t have to struggle to find decent places to live. 

Member News

2015 CITGO/Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program OPEN!

The Citizens Energy / CITGO Oil Heat Program offers heating grants of 50 gallons of heating oil per apartment to income eligible HDFCs in exchange for the commitment that each building will take what would have been spent in oil costs and gives a portion (67.5%) back to the residentsin the form of credits, while reinvesting the other portion (32.5%) back into the building through the completion of energy efficent upgrades.

All applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

If your building is interested in participating, please click here for more information and application. For questions, please contact Claire at 212-479-3374 or by email at