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The Truly Affordable New York Apartment
Friday, 31 January 2014, The New York Times

In a city of soaring real estate prices, New Yorkers love to hear the tales of people who found the Promised Land: a truly affordable apartment.

Such places are the stuff of city lore: a three-bedroom in Manhattan that rents for less than $1,000 a month; a Lower East Side one-bedroom that cost a mere $2,000; an East Village co-op with maintenance charges of $545 a month.

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CITGO Oil Heat Program is Now Accepting Applications!

The Citizens Energy / CITGO Oil Heat Program provides qualifying HDFCs with oil grants of up to 50 gallons per unit. This beneficial program encourages HDFCs to prepare for rising energy costs by requiring that they spend part of their oil savings on energy efficiency improvements in the buildings. All buildings must fill out an application and provide income verification in order to be eligible for the grants.

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"Faile Street: The Human Cost of Foreclosure"

Watch a film by John Light and Elaisha Stokes that looks at the human cost of apartment foreclosure in New York City. Watch how UHAB is helping these lower-income renters who are struggling to keep their homes liveable and their families safe.