Co-ops go Solar!



UHAB is celebrating 22 affordable co-ops signed up for solar power around the city!

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As one shareholder put it, "Low to moderate-income housing should be low to moderate-income maintenance." His co-op is now the proud owner of a solar system that will save over $63,000 over the panels' lifetime. 
The very first solar co-op in the East Village was back in the 1970s, leading to a court case that created net metering, making solar viable for more types of housing than ever before. Yet despite this vibrant history of green innovation, affordable co-ops are often left out of the conversation around renewable technologies, and suffer high energy costs as a result. 
Co-ops Go Solar, a collaboration between nonprofits UHAB and Solar One, empowers low-income homeowners across New York City to access a sustainable and resilient future for their community-led affordable housing through education, financial resources and the support to navigate the adoption of renewable energy. Working directly with co-op residents, the program places low-income communities at the center of the process as active decision-makers in tackling climate change. So far, 22 affordable co-ops have signed up for solar power across New York City. Collectively they’ll save over $4,500,000 in avoided electric bills and divert 9,500 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over the panels’ 25 year lifetime.
Our keynote speaker Lourdes Pérez-Medina has been bringing solar to homeowners, renters, and small businesses in Sunset Park, practicing a just transition to renewable energy that centers the low-income communities of color on the frontlines of climate change.
Lourdes Pérez-Medina is the Climate Justice Policy & Programs Coordinator at UPROSE, Brooklyn's oldest latinx organization. Pérez-Medina's work supports UPROSE’s Sunset Park Climate Justice Center and other initiatives in fostering community resilience and adaptation to climate change through a Just Transitions lens. She holds an MS in City and Regional Planning and a BA in Architecture.
Join us on the longest day of the year, June 21st, at 6 pm at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to honor these co-ops' achievements, as well as hear from solar innovators across the city. 
Childcare and snacks will be provided.