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Welcome to the one-stop resource for HDFCs!

By utilizing the buying power of over 600 member buildings, UHAB is able to offer discounted services, tools, and support to HDFCs. Member Services also keeps buildings informed through seminars on current topics and publishing quarterly newsletters.

Make sure your building's contact information is up to date so you won't miss out on any information or mailings Member Services provides.  Fill out a contact update form here and fax it to 212-344-6457 attn: Member Services or email to ng[at]

Pre-order your 2019 HDFC Calendars here! Each UHAB member will receive one copy for free, but please let us know if you would like additional copies for your co-op. 

Rodents and Your HDFC!

The summer season is upon us, and that means there is increased rodent activity throughout the city. You might notice unwelcome visitors appearing around your building more than usual lately, and we're here to help you deal with it in the best possible way. Read more.


Check out the latest Member News: 
The Management Issue 

The bilingual Winter 2019 edition of UHAB Member News is available online

In this edition of Member News, we focus on Board Treasurers and all the hard work that goes into what they do to help run a smooth co-op. "The Management issue" also offers some helpful tips on how to keep your co-op running on a budget when monthly expenses like heating and energy usage tend to rise during the winter months! 

Read the latest issue of UHAB Member News today!


Lower Your Heating Bills With This Con Edison
Incentive Program!

If your building does not use gas but is a Con Edison electrical customer, you might qualify for free or reduced rate LED lighting fixtures and faucet or showerhead aerators to reduce water use and lower your operating cost.  

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Celebrate Co-ops Go Solar with HDFCs and UHAB!



There are twenty two affordable co-ops that have signed up for solar power around New York City. Celebrate Solstice with these HDFCs and UHAB, and hear more about Co-ops Go Solar!

Together, the panels will keep 9,500 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere over their lifetimes, while saving low- and moderate-income residents $4,566,071.

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