Affordable HDFC Co-op Services

Keeping Co-ops Stable and Affordable: An Important Change

Managing and maintaining a successful HDFC co-op takes time, effort, and commitment. For decades, UHAB has been the only independent nonprofit offering the special supportive services and resources essential to strengthening buildings like yours. While we are no longer under contract with HPD to provide free technical assistance to TIL/ANCP/HDFC buildings (as of November 2016), UHAB still offers a wide array of free and low-cost services and resources. We continue to help co-op Boards and other shareholders ensure their buildings’ long-term affordability, financial strength, physical stability, and overall health.

Some UHAB services are free to all HDFC shareholders and property managers. Others are free (or discounted) for UHAB member buildings. Some are available only to member buildings. So please consider joining UHAB if your HDFC isn’t already a member.

Here are some of the UHAB Affordable Co-op Services that can help fortify your HDFC:


  • Year-round, full-service support
  • Facilitating and verifying annual elections
  • Preparing annual budgets and other financial planning
  • Assisting with tax reduction applications
  • Packaging loans for major systems upgrades and debt consolidation
  • Revising governing documents
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Hosting workshops at your building on topics from Conflict Resolution and Board Transparency to Apartment Resales
  • Resolving issues with short-term rentals 


For details, contact or (212) 479-3334.

Annual UHAB Membership includes discounts on the services listed above, plus other free and low-cost perks, including these:

  • Assistance with advertising and filling vacant apartments
  • Fire and liability insurance tailored to HDFCs
  • Discounted heating oil and natural gas
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Special invitations to educational seminars
  • Co-op accounting resources (online Connected Book$ and Bookkeeping Services)
  • Discounts on the annual NYC Apartment Management Checklist (an invaluable compilation providing official text of city codes with side-by-side plain-English explanations)

For more information, contact Member Services Director Emily Ng ( or 212-479-3318).

As we have done for more than 40 years, UHAB will continue to lead the charge to ensure that more low-to-moderate-income residents can build and sustain the thriving communities that benefit all New Yorkers.