Connected Book$

Connected Book$ is an online tool available to all HDFCs to help co-op shareholders do their own bookkeeping, manage their finances, and save money.   

As part of the service, UHAB provides training sessions on the basics of the program, as well as initial and ongoing one-on-one instruction in the finer points of the software and good bookkeeping practices. Troubleshooting and technical assistance is also available on an ongoing basis at no additional charge.

Some Advantages of Connected Book$:

  • What you need: Connected Book$ is specifically designed for HDFCs, and takes into account building expenses and sources of income.
  • Online access: No software installation is required.  All data and program features are accessible by authorized users from any computer with internet access.
  • Increased Transparency: Your bookkeeper can grant access to shareholders to view reports without being able to edit them.
  • User friendly: Connected Book$ allows you to enter data as it appears on your bank records, and automatically generates reports.

When to Use Connected Book$:

Connected Book$ is appropriate if you have a shareholder willing to work on bookkeeping who:
  •  Understands the basics of what bookkeeping involves.
  •  Knows computer basics, including how to view web pages.
  •  Has access to a computer with an internet connection.

Interested? Next Steps

If you think Connected Book$ may be right for your building, the first step is to attend a training session. To RSVP for upcoming sessions, or if you have any questions about the program, contact Fabio at 212-479-3355 or eugenio[at]

For information on what kind of documentation you will need to get set up on Connected Book$, click here.

For Current Connected Book$ Users:

Here are some links to documents that you may find useful for reference: