Organizing & Policy

UHAB's Organizing & Policy team is at the forefront of fighting tenant displacement in transitional neighborhoods and researching, exposing, and directly challenging real estate practices that threaten residents' rights to decent and affordable housing. This work is done through the combined efforts of on-the-ground organizing in distressed multifamily buildings and public advocacy campaigns. 

We empower residents to gain control over their affordable housing by creating a strong base of tenants and community members who are mobilized to educate their neighbors around their rights, and are willing to fight to enforce those rights.
Organizing & Policy works with tenants in rent stabilized housing overleveraged by predatory financing and HUD subsidized housing. We also work with troubled and at risk housing where there are preservation opportunities and the tenants are interested in organizing to change the ownership of their buildings, whether as affordable cooperatives (HDFCs), or other ownership structures focusing on resident participation, such as nonprofit rentals, mutual housing associations, or community land trusts.



Theory of Change: Tenant Choice

UHAB guides tenants in federally subsidized, state subsidized, and rent-stabilized buildings in making proactive decisions regarding their buildings. By forming tenant associations (and coalitions of tenant associations) that meet regularly with UHAB organizers, tenants are encouraged to exercise their collective power to choose a model of ownership that suits the needs/wants of their building, hold landlords and lenders accountable, and fight for safe, comfortable, and affordable housing.