Organizing & Policy

Tenant Power 

At UHAB we believe in the value of continual learning, and working towards democratic control of housing by celebrating the knowledge that already exists in the communities we work with. For years, our Organizing & Policy team has been at the forefront of fighting tenant displacement in transitional neighborhoods and researching, exposing, and directly challenging real estate practices that threaten residents' rights to decent and affordable housing. This work is done through the combined efforts of on-the-ground organizing in distressed multifamily buildings and through public advocacy campaigns. 

We empower residents to gain control over their affordable housing by creating a strong base of tenants and community members who are mobilized to educate their neighbors around their rights, and are willing to fight to enforce those rights.


UHAB Organizers 

Currently, Organizing & Policy works on fighting displacement and building tenant power in Central and East Brooklyn. We are supporting and working with tenant leaders in East Crown Heights, East Flatbush and Brownsville through a member-led neighborhood tenant union called HOPE, Housing Organizers for People Empowerment, which is already organizing against some of the largest landlords in the neighborhood to win repairs and respect!
UHAB Organizers are continually working to identify residents who can become leaders in their buildings and in the tenant movement at large. Twice a year we hold a 4-session leadership development workshop series called BOLD (Brooklyn Organizing Leadership Development) that covers the basics of organizing and leadership.